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    Jordi Roca began working with chocolates from different origins, prepared in very different ways in his creations, until he decided to take a step further and start a new creative process based on the rediscovery of cocoa. This experimentation led him to undertake a journey through the history of chocolate that transported him to the place of origin of cocoa, in the Amazon jungle. Having learned about the nature of the criollo cocoas and how they are cultivated, Jordi returned to his workshop and gave a new spin to his creative work, launching new preparations based on the new cocoas he had gathered during his expedition through the various countries of Latin America. This book starts out from the creative process of one his best-known creations as the detonation point of the journey in search of the roots of cocoa, and terminates with the new recipes he will exhibit both in El Celler de Can Roca and in his Rocambolesc ice creams or his new chocolate shop Casa Cacao.

    Editorial: Planeta.

    Authors: Jordi Roca and Ignacio Medina.

    Year: 2018.

    Language: Spanish.

    Number of pages: 352 pages.


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